Marten Machining Presents on Youth Apprenticeship


On November 5th Alan and David Marten talked about Marten Machining and how Wisconsin's Youth Apprenticeship program has help the business grow over the past 20 years. The presentation took place at the monthly Portage County Business Council Small Business X-Change .

The Youth Apprenticeship Program offers part time work and on the job training to local high school students.   Students are required to take related coursework at their school and get evaluated and graded by the employer and the school on a regular basis.  After successful  completion of the program students get a state issued certificate.

Marten Machining has worked with over 18 Youth Apprentice students during the past 20 years. The program has helped train future employees and helped Marten Machining develop it's own internal training programs for new employees.   "Youth Apprenticeship helps students get 'hands-on' real world training that helps them in their schooling and in their future careers," stated Alan Marten, "We have learned so much the students and want to continue to grow this program in Central Wisconsin."