Design For Manufacturability

We design for manufacturability to drive customer success.

At Marten Machining, our design process is a collaboration using best practices of clarity, agility and conviction. Our team investigates the possibilities until the right solutions are clear.  This advanced manufacturing approach brings a product to a successful result while at the same time being agile. After this methodical process, we know that our conviction will lead to the expected results.

Marten Machining employees working at desks

We support research and development for the medical, aerospace, semiconductor and energy industries.



Our expertise in the medical industry is a result of decades of experience and involvement in many facets of the business. In the manufacturing of medical instruments, devices and complex parts, we use our research and development capabilities to set the path forward for successful product manufacturing solutions in the medical field.



The aerospace industry relies on Marten Machining for precision manufacturing including R&D,  prototyping, metrology and exact machining in every solution we are asked to develop and create. Our long-time commitment to the aerospace industry and our knowledge of the requirements and standards, go a long way in creating successful product introductions.



Of course, semiconductors are essential components of almost all electrical devices and are prevalent in many of the industries that Marten Machining services. And Marten Machining is an essential component in the precision manufacturing of many of those semiconductors from the very most complex parts to those parts that are more fundamental.



The energy industry is a broad cross-section of a multitude of sub-industries many of which are served by Marten Machining. The energy industry relies heavily on the Marten Machining expertise in research and development, advanced and precision manufacturing, our best-in-class metrology lab as well as our use of superior equipment, software and materials.

Success begins with the right designs and ends with the right results.