CMM inspection equipment used for precision manufacturing

CMM Inspection

Quality is the first priority, process verification is the key to that quality

five axis milling equipment used in manufacturing

Five Axis Milling

Accuracy coupled with process flexibility, efficiency and setup reduction

Wire EDM machine used in manufacturing

Wire EDM

Capability for difficult to machine parts and materials

unattended manufacturing

Unattended Manufacturing

Ability to dynamically meet demanding lead times for complicated parts in small and medium production runs

mill-turn tool for manufacturing


Capacity to reduce separate operations and complete parts in a single cycle

Welcome to Marten Machining

High precision tools for more efficient, more productive, less expensive manufacturing

The quality of your product is a direct result of a long series of manufacturing processes. One misstep in that series means sub-par quality. We make sure that doesn’t happen. At Marten Machining, we design, manufacture and test precision tooling, fixtures and specialized machine parts that will streamline your manufacturing process, and communicating with you the customer to improve your efficiencies and enhance your product.

  • Short and medium high precision five-axis milling, CNC turning, wire EDM and surface grinding production runs.
  • Sub-micron (sub-micrometer 0.001 mm) quality tolerance to less than .00004 of an inch (< 40 micro inches)
  • Prototype and limited quantity machining.
  • Automated manufacturing and pallet changers.
  • Controlled manufacturing environment and inspection facility featuring the latest precision manufacturing technologies.
  • High precision manufacturing based on 3D model, concepts or complete designs.