Advanced Manufacturers with a purpose. Metrology Specialists with a passion.

At Marten Machining, we’re constantly advancing Advanced Manufacturing. For us, five-axis milling, wire EDM machining solutions, high-precision tooling, and verifiable metrology, from concept to launch, is what we do today.

But it’s what we do tomorrow that really counts. We keep a clear eye on what will drive future success in our industry and future successes for our clients. Our workforce of extraordinary talents, and people with a passion for metrology is our difference-maker, and our game-changer.

employee using Kern equipment

Advanced Manufacturing with a purpose.

If there’s a level beyond Advanced Manufacturing, we’re pursuing it. Of course, our efforts result in precision solutions for our customers, next-level accuracy, innovative designs, and require continuous updates to equipment and facilities.

But we must be more than that. We must be teachers and mentors working alongside industry educators who define new heights of accuracy and measurement. As today's leaders we will pave the way to even more invention and ingenuity for the future.

That’s what it’s like to advance Advanced Manufacturing.

Metrology lab

If you’re passionate about Metrology, you're on the road to perfection and the journey never ends.

What's at the heart of our Portage County, Wisconsin facility? A metrology lab, designed and developed following the guidelines of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers. Through the discipline and science of measurement, and a shared commitment to quality, our Metrology team will deliver a solution to your manufacturing challenges.

Partner with us on your next project.

We’ll collaborate, brainstorm, design, manufacture, measure, and verify.

And in the end, we’ll provide precision solutions for our customers and their customers, too.