Career Options

Create your career path.

Driven by new technologies and advanced applications, careers in Advanced Manufacturing provide options for personal growth and new skills development.

Marten Machining is here to assist you to develop your career and your skills, or mentor you as you begin your career journey.

Employees working together on design

It can begin with a love to work with your mind and your hands...

...or with a purpose and drive for problem solving

Career journeys in advanced manufacturing can begin from many starting points.

  • Youth Apprenticeship - during high school - sponsored through career coordinator
  • Internships and part time work - while attending technical college or university 
  • Full time work - after completion of technical degree
  • Full time work - after completion of university course of study
  • Full time work - with Registered State Apprenticeship
  • Career change in industry or technical discipline

Bring the talents, skills, and education you have to enhance your career through on the job training and continuing education.



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