INDEX R200 Adds New Capabilities


In December Marten Machining added a new capability to the manufacturing floor. The installation of an Index R200 Mill/Turn machining center will be the first machine the company has added with the ability to do both milling and turning in a single machine cycle . The R200 features two 65mm turning spindles, two HSK40 B‐axis milling spindles and also an automated bar feeder. Some addition noteworthy specifications:

  • 18,000 rpm milling spindles
  • 1 meter bar length capacity bar loader ‐Programmable parts catcher and bar remnant puller.
  • Through the spindle coolant pressure with a max pressure of 80 bar (1160 PSI),
  • Cutting fluid cooling system which maintains the fluid temperature at a constant temperature and helps to control thermal changes during machine cycles

Along with the machine itself Marten Machining also purchased a Virtual Machine software license. The program serves as a platform for off line machine programming and cycle simulation. This added software will aid in not only crash detection but also help to stream line the setup process so that programming can take place while the machine is running parts.

Setup of the machine and operator training will be complete in early 2011.