About Us

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About Us

Formed in 1984, Marten Machining is a collection of highly trained individuals with years of experience and training. People who never tire of looking for new ways to do things better. People who are always learning — on the job, on-site at manufacturers in Germany, or in classrooms. 

We like to collaborate with people who have the same worldview — who like to find and implement new ideas in an effort to do things more efficiently, more precisely and with a higher degree of quality.

Are you:

  • Eager to make your concept a reality and to produce it in the most efficient, accurate and cost-effective manner?
  • Looking for a collaborative partner who can help you address new product development, design refinement or manufacturing process challenges?
  • Seeking a prototype and expert input that can help you test and tweak your designs?
  • Interested in creating new products and using developing new machining technologies to do so?