Mill Turn Multitasking Machining

As parts become more complicated and require multiple operations to complete the most efficient way to manufacture them is in one complete cycle to reduce time lost during part handling and the possibility for error in part reloading.   Marten Machining has recently added an Index R200 mill-turn multitasking machining with the ability to machine parts with limited operator interaction.   The Index R200 has two 65mm turning spindles and two 18,000 rpm milling spindles with capability for simultaneous milling and turning on both the main and counter spindles.   With ability to work directly from bar stock loaded by a bar feeder the R200 is capable of producing both round and square parts that require both milling and turning in one cycle and can run unattended for extended periods of time.


  • Index R200 Mill/Turn Multitasking Machine
  • 65mm Bar Capacity
  • 2 ‐ 18,000 rpm HSK40 milling spindles
  • 80 bar coolant pressure through the spindle
  • Bar feeder with 1 meter bar length capacity

ISO Certification